Monday, October 1, 2007

Video games

Video games are really fun in my opinion. They take up a lot of time and are challenging. They have been proven to increase your eyes ability to see detail, and promote higher levels of thinking and problem solving skills.

The studies reported here both say that after playing video games players had a substantial increase in their eyes ability to see and separate details. I believe this is because gamers that play first-person-shooters have to focus on specific things to look for such as grenades or someones foot sticking out past a corner. The brain then has to adapt to these conditions making it easier for the brain to sort the objects it sees, allowing you to see detail better.


The article that I read was about the comeback of the Sony PlayStation 3. It talked about how the PlayStation 3 is making a comeback in the video-game industry. The article compared the Sony PlayStation 3 with other platforms such as the XBOX 360, and the Nintendo Wii. One of Sony’s claim to fame, is that it is the only gaming platform that comes with a built in DVD player, a Blue-Ray disc player to be exact. The downside to the PlayStation 3 is its high price.

I picked this article because I like video games and they interest me. I like creative concepts that people create when making a game.

My First Post

My name is Austin. I like to play video games and play sports. I also like to play guitar. I have a really big family. I like to sleep a lot and watch tv. My favorite tv show is probably Family Guy. I like using computers and to find out what I can do with them. I don't really know what else to say...